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Businesses build.
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Who’s the sKulptor behind this Kult?

Hello iKyu’s inKredible subsKriber,

My name is Steve Jobs. But folks sometimes call me Vivan.

At Night, I’m the investigative researcher of iKyu, A Content Company.

In Day, I’m the ½ Founder and showrunner of The People Company, India’s most Creative Personal Branding Agency which helps busy Founders, CEOs and CXOs build brilliant brands & recalls on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

I have been an acrobat in my previous line of work along with being a brutal entrepreneur and a writer:

  • An Engineer Acrobat

  • A Data Analyst Acrobat

  • A Researcher Acrobat

  • A Product Manager Acrobat

After sailing through all these tides, I was hungry for more. So, What’s next?

Nothing. I’m a Minimalist. I love simplicity.

So, I’m sculpting simplicity with iKyu. One Business at a time.

I brutally break down perspectives, ideas and people on Twitter, follow me there!

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inK by iKyu: HandKrafting Business Breakdowns — Documentary-style!



We handKraft Business🪓breakdowns — Documentary-style!


yours, brutally.